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Assess Your Employees and Upskill Them

TSAT, a comprehensive cyber attack simulator and people security awareness training solution empowers organizations to assess security risk proactively. This innovative platform enables the execution of dummy cyber attack campaigns on employees to evaluate their vulnerability levels and gain insights into their behavior. With this, TSAT promotes a heightened sense of security awareness among individuals, ultimately contributing to an effective people security management strategy and reducing the risk of cyber attacks.


of employees are aware of the risks of suspicious links in emails but click on them anyway- FAU


of the users are unable to recognize a sophisticated phishing email- Business Wire


of employees are unaware of the danger posed by unsolicited emails- Osterman Research

Benefits of Threatcop Security Awareness Training

Benefits of Threatcop Security Awareness Training

We provide a comprehensive suite of security awareness programs in one solution to eliminate human error and employee negligence.

Threatcop Security Awareness Training lets you:

  • Simulate the top 5 cyber attacks on your employees
  • Check the real-time cybersecurity risk posture of the organization
  • Educate and train employees with engaging awareness content
  • Conduct interactive assessment sessions to analyze employees' level of awareness

How Does Threatcop Security Awareness Training Work?

How Does Threatcop Security Awareness Training Work
How Does Threatcop Security Awareness Training Work
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Why choose TSAT?

This expertly designed tool comes with an array of dynamic features

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