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People Security Management

The Power of 360 Degree Cybersecurity Awareness & Protection

Threatcop adopts a unique approach, emphasizing 'People Security Management.' This approach prioritizes robust employee awareness and cybersecurity training to fortify defenses against social engineering and email attacks.

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Threatcop Security Awareness Training

TSAT helps you assess the awareness level of your employees by running cyber attack simulations and evaluating their vulnerabilities.


Threatcop Learning Management System

TLMS helps you educate and train your employees about the latest threats through interactive quizzes, cyber comics, infographics, etc.



TDMARC helps you secure your domain and outbound email, ensuring domain reputation and email deliverability.


Threatcop Phishing Incident Response

TPIR provides a one-tap methodology for threat reporting that not only evaluates employees cyber awareness but also prevents potential breaches.

A study carried out by Stanford University in collaboration with a cybersecurity firm found that employees’ mistakes are the causes of 88% of data breaches.

Similarly, IBM published research citing that 95% of security breaches occur due to human error.


What is People Security Management?


PSM is defined as a strategic approach to cybersecurity that emphasizes the weakest link- ‘humans’ within an organization. It encompasses policies, practices, and training initiatives designed based on comprehensive threat intelligence to enhance the security posture by addressing human vulnerabilities, behaviors, and decision-making thought processes. PSM follows the approach of behavioral analysis of employees and identifies the vulnerabilities by regularly carrying out simulation attacks. It recognizes that employees, from the boardroom to the frontlines, can either be the weakest link or the first line of defense against cyber threats.

Quadral Approach to People Security and Securing Organizations

To ensure that humans become the strongest defense between you and threats,

we embrace the exclusive AAPE model-Assess, Aware, Protect and Empower.


We assess the weakest links; raise awareness; provide robust protection; and empower employees to defend against cyber threats. Our exclusive AAPE Model safeguards your human assets by creating a culture of security awareness and equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to actively participate in the defense against cyber threats.

Why is it essential for organizations?

To understand the significance of PSM in cybersecurity, let’s explore the pyramid of cybersecurity. At the base of the pyramid lies Technology, on the next level is the Process layer and finally, on the topmost layer we have People, who are actively involved in executing these processes and utilizing the technology.

Have you wondered what is the biggest reason for the majority of security breaches? You must be wondering, if they are remote access tools, malware attacks, vulnerability exploitation, etc. But it might come as a surprise to you that CISOs/CIOs worldwide are majorly concerned about their employees as the prime medium for security breaches. That’s where Threatcops’ unique approach, People Security Management comes in assistance for security leaders.


What is the Cost of Ignoring People Security Management?


The average cost of a data breach has soared to a historic high of US$4.45 million, as revealed in the 2023 Cost of a Data Breach report jointly published by IBM and the Ponemon Institute. This alarming figure represents a 2% increase from the previous year, when it stood at US$4.35 million.

This report, compiled by the esteemed Ponemon Institute and IBM Security, meticulously considers a myriad of cost factors, spanning legal, regulatory, and technical intricacies. It goes beyond the financial impact, recognizing the substantial consequences of breaches on an organization's brand equity, customer trust, and the productivity of its workforce.

However, what cannot be overlooked is the vulnerability of employees to cyberattacks. The digital landscape has become a breeding ground for threats that target individuals within organizations, putting their personal and professional information at risk. In light of this, it becomes increasingly evident that a robust People Security Management (PSM) strategy is essential.

The data presented in this report, gathered from an extensive analysis of 550 breaches spanning 17 countries and 17 industries, with insights derived from over 3,600 interviews, underscores the urgent need for prioritizing PSM. Employees are the frontline defense and, at the same time, the most vulnerable point in an organization's security posture.


Ignoring the importance of PSM is no longer an option, as it not only safeguards the employees but also plays a pivotal role in mitigating the soaring costs associated with data breaches.


How Threatcop is an Effective People Security Management (PSM) Solution?


At Threatcop, we are committed to supporting and enhancing People Security Management for our valued customers. Through our four major products -

  • Threatcop Security Awareness Tool (TSAT),
  • Threatcop Phishing Incident Response (TPIR),
  • Threatcop Learning Management System (TLMS),
  • Threatcop Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (TDMARC)

we follow a comprehensive approach to assess, raise awareness, and empower organizations in their cybersecurity endeavors.

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Threatcop Security Awareness Training (TSAT)

AI-Powered Awareness Solution to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks

Assess Your Employees and Upskill Them

TSAT is a cyber attack simulator and security awareness training solution that allows you to run dummy cyber attack campaigns on your employees to assess their vulnerability levels and understand their behavior. It helps you generate security awareness amongst your people to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Secure Your People with TSAT in 3 Easy Steps

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Cyber Attack Simulation

tsat logo

Knowledge Imparting Sessions

tsat logo

Interactive Assessment and Analysis


Advantages of Choosing TSAT

  • Fully customizable phishing templates
  • Real-time employee vulnerability tracking
  • Latest attack vectors include WhatsApp phishing and smishing
  • Comprehensive reporting inclusive of employee vulnerability score

Threatcop Learning Management System (TLMS)

Empower Your Employees as the Strongest Defense with TLMS

Interactive and Effective Cyber Awareness

Are you tired of boring cybersecurity training? Look no further than Threatcop's Learning Management System! Our tool incorporates fun and creative content to help you stay aware of potential cyber risks and threats.

Improve Training with Highly Engaging Content

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Topic-wise content categories

tsat logo

Diverse employee entertainment for cyber awareness

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Effective training with engaging content for improved results


Advantages of Choosing TLMS

  • Create an environment of reinforcement and motivation
  • Includes 10+ cyber security awareness content categories
  • Entertaining and interactive assessments, quizzes, and games
  • Multi-lingual, making it suitable for organizations with a global presence

Threatcop DMARC

Increase Email Deliverability and Improve Domain Reputation

Email Authentication Protocols

TDMARC is an anti-spoofing and email authentication solution that helps organizations secure their outbound email flow and prevent the misuse of their email domain while boosting email deliverability and engagement rates.

Secure Your Email Domain Against Spoofers

tsat logo

Spoofed Emails + Legitimate Emails

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Filtering out of spoofed emails

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Legitimate emails safely landing in inbox


Advantages of Choosing TDMARC

  • Anti-spoofing protection
  • Enhanced deliverability
  • Boosts email engagement rates
  • Safeguards brand reputation

Threatcop Phishing Incident Response Tool (TPIR)

One-Tap Threat Reporting and Employee Empowerment Solution

Evaluate Your Employees’ Level of Awareness

TPIR is an email threat checker and a phishing incident response solution that empowers your employees to proactively detect and report suspicious emails, reducing the risk of email-based cyber threats.

Empower Your Employees in 4 Easy Steps

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User clicks on the TPIR button to analyze an email’s threat level

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User reports the email to security team with a high-threat level.

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If it is genuine, it comes back to the user’s inbox, else it is deleted


Advantages of Choosing TPIR

  • Comprehensive sender reputation report
  • Transform your employees into the strongest defense
  • Empower your employees to identify phishing attempts
  • Header analysis and language-based mail traffic control

Awards and Recognitions

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AGM (IT) & CISO at Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd

Oct 16, 2023

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CISO and Data Protection Officer at JK Lakshmi Cement

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Mr. Surya V Chandra Sekhar Vadlani

Associate Director of Cybersecurity at Tata Consumer Products)

Oct 14, 2023

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