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Why is Threatcop Phishing Incident Response Essential?

No matter how many firewalls and security tools you put in place, some phishing emails will still find their way into your employees’ inboxes.

2 million

malicious emails bypassed secure email defenses over 12 months in 2020
(Helpnet Security)


of all cyber attacks are launched through a phishing email


malicious emails per year are received by a single employee on average

 Benefits of Threatcop Phishing Incident Response

Benefits of Threatcop Phishing Incident Response

Thousands of businesses around the globe have lost money and data to successful phishing attacks. Threatcop Phishing Incident Response can help by:

  • Protecting your organization against email-based threats
  • Sending malicious emails from inbox to spam when reported by the user
  • Empowering your workforce to report suspicious emails
  • Helping your organization’s security team in taking the necessary actions against email-based threats

How Does Threatcop Phishing Incident Response Work?

 Threatcop Phishing Incident Response Work
 Threatcop Phishing Incident Response Work
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Why Choose TPIR?

This expertly designed tool comes with an array of dynamic features

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