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People Security Management by Threatcop

Threatcop is a pioneer in People Security Management (PSM), helping organizations protect their weakest link against evolving cyber threats, focusing on social engineering and email attacks.


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Safeguard Your Organization with Threatcop's Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

How We Work

Quadral Approach to People Security and Securing Organizations

To ensure that humans become the strongest defense between you and threats, we embrace the exclusive

AAPE model- Assess, Aware, Protect and Empower.


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Threatcop Security Awareness Training

TSAT helps you assess the awareness level of your employees by running cyber-attack simulations and evaluating their vulnerabilities.

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Threatcop Learning Management System

TLMS helps you educate and train your employees about the latest threats through interactive quizzes, cyber comics, infographics, etc.



Threatcop DMARC

TDMARC helps you secure your domain and outbound email, ensuring domain reputation and email deliverability.



Threatcop Phishing Incident Response

TPIR provides a one-tap methodology for threat reporting that not only evaluates employees' cyber awareness but also prevents potential breaches.


1 Million

users simulated cyber attacks every quarter and saw an 84% reduction in phish risk rate.

1.6 billion

emails monitored showed significant improvement in DMARC compliance in just 3 months.

2 million

reported phishing emails by users demonstrate TPIR's effectiveness in threat detection.

10+ categories

with access to a content-rich library of 600+ resources.

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ROI from Threatcop’s

People Security Management

These ROI points demonstrate the tangible benefits that Threatcop's products bring to organizations, helping them strengthen their cyber defense.


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