Threatcop: A Journey
Inspired and Shaped by Many

"Change is the end result of all true learning." -Leo Buscaglia

While reading this story, you will realize that something has changed about us. Our interactions with our customers, partners and the cybersecurity community at large over the last few years have broadened our vision. We saw a need to realign our company according to our expanded vision, bringing about a change that is driving us and everyone connected with us in a new direction of progress, prosperity, and prominence. But before we dive into that, let's take a look at what used to be and how it has transformed for the better.

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Where it all Started

They say universities are sanctuaries of ideas and thoughts. The perfect age for the emergence of a novel vision. In the second year of their graduation, three students from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology (NIT Allahabad) came up with one such revolutionary idea.

Is there anyone who hasn’t received even a single scam email, spam call, or fraud text ever? While some of us have learned to avoid these tricksters, many others are not so aware. There are hundreds of people who fall for these scams every day.

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Pavan Kushwaha , one of these three students, had created an account on social media like everyone else. Subsequently, he became a target of a phishing attack.

He received an email with some fake documents that looked legit. The email prompted him to enter his password to open the attached documents. Being unfamiliar with the dark side of the internet, he submitted his personal information, which resulted in his email account getting hacked.

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After his email account was compromised, the hackers accessed and misused his social media accounts. That’s when he realized just what these cybercriminals are capable of. And this realization became a turning point in his life.

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Owing to this realization, Pavan joined forces with two of his college mates, Dip Jung Thapa and Paratosh Bansal, to establish Kratikal with the objective of promoting cybersecurity awareness and training.

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Functioning on weekends, what began as a group of college friends grew into a wider community of hundreds and thousands of empowered people. The success of this initiative proved to be the initial thrust in the larger movement for cybersecurity that was brewing in the foresight of these college students.

A Chapter Added to Our Story:
Fight Against Social Engineering

While helping various companies adjust their security strategies, the founders realized that over 90% of successful cyber attacks exploit the human factor of an organization. Either due to employee negligence or simply a lack of security awareness among the workforce, organizations had gaping holes in their security framework that could lead to potentially devastating breaches.

These security flaws put not only organizations but also their employees and customers at risk. That was when the team pivoted to a new mission of helping companies stay protected against human-based cyber threats.

Like every idea starts with a problem, here the problem was social engineering attacks. Customers wanted a solution that could make their employees capable of identifying and avoiding cyber attack attempts. This could only be achieved by generating cybersecurity awareness and increasing their resilience against social engineering.

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In 2018, ThreatCop was developed as a cyber security simulation and awareness solution that enabled organizations to run real-time attack scenarios through simulation to train their employees. After its huge success, we started developing more people-centric cybersecurity solutions.

The second product solution developed by Kratikal addressed another one of the most common attack techniques used by cyber criminals- email spoofing. In these attacks, threat actors often impersonate friends, colleagues or renowned brands to steal sensitive information or scam individuals and organizations out of money.

This is done by misusing a legitimate domain to send fraudulent emails. With such attacks on the rise, this one-of-a-kind DMARC solution provided organizations with the means of protecting their email domain against forgery and misuse.

Now that Kratikal’s cybersecurity awareness training solution had gained momentum, the need for a solution that empowered the workforce to act on their security knowledge was felt. To satisfy this need, a phishing incident response solution was developed to enable cyber-aware employees to immediately report any suspicious emails, significantly reducing the risk of successful email-based attacks.

Just like our portfolio, expertise and offerings, our purpose and mission evolved as well. Our company’s vision broadened, which put people at the heart of security. We saw the need to realign our own strategy to better serve our purpose of securing the people in organizations to protect them against the threat of social engineering.

Threatcop: The Brand

Empowering Individuals to Strengthen Businesses

Social engineering has become a huge threat for every business and individual relying on the internet. And, with more than 4.95 billion internet users globally, can you imagine the scope of damage these attacks can do?

Threatcop has been, therefore, founded with a revolutionary objective of creating a world where cybercriminals can no longer leverage social engineering to rob organizations and individuals of their hard-earned money or valuable data.

So, how do we plan to undertake such a massive feat? By transforming the potential targets of these attacks into defenders of their organizations. We aim to empower users and equip them with the knowledge they need to successfully fight off these attacks, keeping themselves and their organizations safe.

In this pursuit, we are devoted to providing solutions for all the aspects of people-centric cybersecurity through our industry-leading products:

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Life of the brand 'threatcop'

Our brand name, Threatcop, highlights our mission to transform each and every user into a “Cop” against cyber threats. We aim to make sure that the people in an organization become its biggest defenders instead of being viewed as easy targets. Our brand name brings to the fore the importance of human participation in the overall organizational cybersecurity.

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The usage of lowercase letters in the logo signifies our belief in modesty while growing. Threatcop's logo is made up of two letters from our brand name“T” and “C” as a double shield with a keyhole at the center. It demonstrates our vision of providing cybersecurity that makes you doubly sure of your security standards.

Our choice of color blue represents the goal of our efforts i.e. to bring about stability and reliability in the security status of the organizations we serve. Lastly, our tagline ‘Security Starts with People’ takes forward our commitment to people-centric cybersecurity.

Grateful for the Past, Motivated in
the Present, Ready for the Future

In our 8 years long experience in the industry, what we have learned is that there is nothing more important than people. Our journey has been shaped and influenced by so many individuals, each of whom has played a major role in our growth and progress.

We are deeply grateful to all our customers, investors, partners, current and former employees, and well-wishers for their continuous support and constant motivation. We are sincerely moved by the fact that over 750 organizations across 5 continents trust us with their security. We sincerely thank you for being a part of our journey and believing in us through it all. We hope that you continue to shower your love and encouragement on us in the years ahead.

All our love!

Team Threatcop

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