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Why is Threatcop Learning Management System Essential?

TLMS provides a comprehensive learning solution for organizations to ensure a cyber-resilient work culture.


employees feel a lack of required cybersecurity training.
(Infosec Institute)


employees receive cybersecurity training quarterly.


believe their organization doesn't take cybersecurity seriously.
(Infosec Institute)

 Benefits of TLMS

Benefits of Threatcop Learning Management System

We provide cybersecurity awareness and training campaigns to educate and empower employees to become the strongest line of defense.

Threatcop Learning Management System allows you to:

  • Training modules include interactive simulations and quizzes that provide employees with a hands-on learning experience.
  • Get detailed video tracking with inactive-detective pausing
  • Regular assessments and reporting that track employee progress
  • Get comprehensive reports of each employee’s progress in awareness training
  • Access a wide range of pre-built training modules to prevent social engineering threats

How Does Threatcop Learning Management System Works?

 Working of Threatcop Learning Management System
Working of Threatcop Learning Management System
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Why Should You Choose TLMS

This expertly designed tool comes with an array of dynamic features

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