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The Biggest Risk in Cybersecurity

Do you know who is most vulnerable to cyber risks in your organization? Your employees!

Why Employees are Considered as the Biggest Risk in Cybersecurity?

No matter how sophisticated and powerful your organization’s security mechanisms are, they’ll work only as long as the employees overseeing them are careful. Reckless mistakes made by employees, either due to distraction or lack of awareness, have led to devastating cyber attacks on many renowned companies globally.

As per IBM, 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused due to human error. This stat itself tells why human error is considered a major cause of the majority of the cyber attacks and data breaches in almost every industry.

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How Employees Become the Biggest Threat in

How Employees Become the Biggest Threat in Cybersecurity?

The main reason why employees become the easy target for cyber criminals is because of the lack of awareness. Being unaware of the proper security protocols and cybersecurity best practices, your employees can inadvertently grant hackers access to your network and systems.

And most importantly, your employees are targeted by cyber criminals through phishing emails. Yes, the evergreen phishing email is still considered the easiest route to deep dive into your IT security system. According to NISC, 85% of all organizations have been hit by a phishing attack at least once!

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How Many Breaches or Cyber Attacks are
Caused by Human Error?

How Many Breaches or Cyber Attacks are Caused by Human Error?

Listed below are some of the most disastrous cyber attacks or data breaches caused by human error in
different sectors:

Listed below are some of the most disastrous cyber attacks or data breaches caused by human error in different sectors:

Cyber Attack On It Industry
equi Fax

In May 2017, a credit bureau called Equifax suffered a massive data breach.


The global intelligent data management company Veeam had its data exposed online.

Ubiquiti Networks Inc.

Ubiquiti Networks Inc. fell victim to a devastating BEC attack that led to a loss of $ 46.7 million.

Cyber Attacks on IT Industry
Cyber Attacks on Health Industry
Cyber Attack On Healthcare Industry
Health Insurer Anthem
Health Insurer Anthem Inc.

Health insurer Anthem Inc. suffered a massive data breach that affected a total of 78.8 million individuals.

Medical Informatics Engineering

Medical Informatics Engineering (MIE) suffered a data breach that led to the compromise of millions of data.

56 Dean Street Sexual Health Clinic
56 Dean Street Sexual Health Clinic

56 Dean Street mistakenly leaked the details of 781 patients who had attended HIV clinics.

Cyber Attack On Financial Institutions
card logo
Bangladesh Bank

In 2016, North Korean hackers managed to rob Bangladesh Central Bank out of $81 million!

Sequoia Capital
Sequoia Capital

The personal & financial information of Sequoia Capital’s investors were hacked and exposed.

Absa Bank
Absa Bank

Absa, a South Africa-based financial services group, suffered a massive data breach in December 2020.

cyber attacks on financial institutions
prevent Human Error

How to Prevent Human Error in CyberSecurity?

As illustrated by the examples above, human error can prove to be a great liability for companies, regardless of their size. Whether an employee accidentally publishes a sensitive document on the internet or your IT team disregards a security warning, even the simplest of mistakes can result in grave consequences. So, any company that wishes to defend itself against cyber attacks must focus on eliminating human error before anything else. Read More

Threatcop Security Awareness Training Can Help

You can use cybersecurity awareness training tools like Threatcop Security Awareness Training to engage your employees in interesting and informative training sessions. The tool is an expertly designed cyber attack simulator that allows you to run dummy cyber attack campaigns on your employees. This can help them understand how different kinds of cyber attack vectors work and what they can do to avoid them, preparing them to combat cyber attack attempts in real life. Read More

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