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Less than 35% of people are familiar with the term smishing’!
It’s time to educate your employees and strengthen the defense
against smishing attacks.

Less than 35% of people are familiar with the term smishing’! It’s time to educate your employees and strengthen the defense against smishing attacks.

Level Up Your Cybersecurity Awareness
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Here's what you can achieve with our smishing tool!

Smishing prevention tool
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Assess the learning progress of your employees using advanced assessments

Pecentage data presentation

Analyze employee awareness levels with interactive assessments

Cyber attack vectors

Increase awareness completion percentage with interesting infographics and videos

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Get detailed reports and an EVS (employee vulnerability score)


Choose attack vectors to run campaigns & reduce your organization's risk rate by up to 10% in just 6 months


Get the best supporting and assisting team

Core Features



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    Hack Record
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    Third-Party Integration API


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    Support Escalation Matrix
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    Cohesive Assistance Over Calls and Emails

How Does Our Smishing Tool Work?


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Select or customize your SMS template


Select or customize your landing page


Save and Schedule the date and time of the campaign



Select the group of people you want to run the campaign on


Schedule the smishing attack to the selected groups or individuals


Get a detailed report of vulnerability level of each person



Exclusive & story-based periodic comics


Interactive videos and infographics for quick learning


Real-life attack videos for better understanding of the threat

Why Try Our Smishing Simulation?


700% increase in smishing attacks has been seen in 2021

vector msg

41 spam messages on an average are received by an American per month

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378,509,197 spam SMS were sent and received every day in 2021

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17.3% of all mobile-based phishing attacks were carried out via SMS

Source : Earth Web

Try Smishing Prevention Tool Now!

Can you stop smishing?

Smishing prevention can be done with the help of advanced SMS phishing tools. Advanced smishing tools should block future attempts to install viruses and prevent malicious websites from being accessed.

The majority of cybercriminals that participate in smishing are looking to acquire your personal information, which they can then use to steal money from your organization or gain access to your network of contacts, or systems used by your organization.

To protect your organization against smishing attacks, you need continuous smishing simulation and awareness. It is crucial for your employees to experience realistic smishing attacks in order to acquire the desired response.

Threat actors occasionally use text messages, or SMS, to target consumers with advanced SMS phishing attacks. Phishing via text messages, commonly known as smishing, occurs when threat actors use false text messages to entice victims into revealing their sensitive data.

Smishing attacks are becoming more popular because people are more inclined to believe a text message they receive on their phone than one sent via email. This type of social engineering attack has grown in rage.

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