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Smishing Awareness and Simulation

Train your employees to defend against smishing attacks through smishing awareness training

Smishing Awareness Training for Employees

Smishing, a fusion of 'SMS' and 'Phishing,' involves attempting to extract personal information such as credit card or social security details from unsuspecting victims. Similar to other social engineering techniques, smishing is employed for credential harvesting.

In the context of security risk management, smishing awareness training emerges as a critical component of overall cybersecurity awareness for organizations. Employees, being potentially vulnerable links, play a pivotal role in the effectiveness of smishing attacks. Success in smishing attacks often hinges on the unawareness and lack of vigilance among employees. Hence, incorporating smishing awareness into people's security management strategies becomes essential for organizations to fortify their defenses against evolving security risks.

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Importance of Smishing Awareness and Simulation

Why Smishing Awareness and Simulation is Important?

It is important for every employee to have an experience of the sequence of events and consequences in case of a real-life smishing attack. A hands-on experience is a must for developing a desired reaction from the employees when an actual smishing attack is launched against them.

Repeated smishing simulation campaigns can help you track how your employees react to smishing and if they have made any progress after each campaign.

Importance of Smishing Awareness and Simulation

How does our Smishing Awareness through Simulation Work?

Defense against social engineering attacks like smishing can only be developed with repeated cycles of smishing awareness and simulation. Our Smishing Prevention Tool offers repeated simulations with customized templates and features that let you assess the overall progress of the participating employees.

  • Customize a smishing attack simulation template based on your requirements
  • Launch a smishing attack simulation campaign on the selected group of employees
  • Analyze the vulnerability score of each employee or group after the simulated attack
  • Impart knowledge to employees through videos, articles, advisories, and infographics
  • Evaluate the progress of learning among your employees through gamified assessment
  • Get a detailed report from the simulation run on each department of the organization
Smishing Awareness Through Simulation Work

FAQs: Smishing Awareness and Simulation

1. What is a smishing attack?

Smishing can be defined by breaking this word into two parts: ‘SMS’ and ‘Phishing’. The purpose behind such an attack is to take hold of the personal information of the victim like credit card details or social security details.

Defense against social engineering attacks like smishing can only be developed with repeated cycles of smishing awareness and simulation. It is important for people to go through life-like scenarios of smishing attacks to develop the desired response.

A smishing attack relies on human errors. It is sent in a manner that looks exactly like a genuine SMS and then redirects you to malicious pages or malicious attachments. If a person is not aware enough, they can fall victim and lose their information to a smishing attack.

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