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A guide from the Security Leaders to Security Community

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The year 2023 was all about transformation and adaptation to People Security Management (PSM), which safeguards businesses. Security leaders played a critical role in this transformation, emerging as advisors and strategic partners to organizations of all sizes. They helped organizations to achieve business goals while safeguarding their security posture and people who make them possible.

In our guide, “People Security”, we feature a cover story on our conversation with 31 security leaders.These preeminent security management innovators share their insights and best practices for managing security risks and protecting digital assets from sophisticated cyber threats.

This volume of "People Security" offers a sacrosanct homage to our security leaders, whose tireless efforts to protect our critical infrastructure and raise awareness have made Cybersecurity Awareness Month a resounding success for two decades. We also feature incisive insights and updates into organizational security, threatcop assessors and exclusive interviews with select-thought security leaders.

We deeply appreciate the unwavering support and commitment of our distinguished security leaders. We hope you enjoy reading this guide “People Security” and send us your feedback and suggestions.

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Insights from India’s Top Security Leaders on cyber Awareness and People Security

DAY 16

Mobile devices on the frontlines: Protect your smartphone like your life depends on it.


Mr. Alok Shankar Pandey

AGM (IT) & CISO at Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd

Oct 16, 2023

3 Mins

DAY 15

Think you can spot a phishing email? Test your skills and discover the truth.


Mr. Baidyanath Kumar

CISO and Data Protection Officer at JK Lakshmi Cement

Oct 15, 2023

3 Mins

DAY 14

Want to outsmart cybercriminals? Think like one. Know their tricks to defend better.


Mr. Surya V Chandra Sekhar Vadlani

Associate Director of Cybersecurity at Tata Consumer Products)

Oct 14, 2023

3 Mins

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