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TXT Record Checker: Check All the TXT Records of Your Domain

Enter your domain to find out all of its TXT records

What Does TXT Record Checker Do?

TXT records are a form of resource record in the DNS used to associate arbitrary text with a host or other names. These records include human-readable information related to the server, network, data center, etc. They are used for providing outside sources with the required information about a domain. A domain can have multiple TXT records associated with it. TXT Record Checker instantly lists all the TXT records associated with your domain.

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Examples of TXT Records in DNS

Here is an example of a TXT record to show you what it looks like:

DomainRecord TypeValueTTL (Time to Live)
example.comTXT“v=spf1 ~all”3600

In this example, the record uses a configuration format for the SPF (Sender Policy Framework).


  • is the domain associated with the record.
  • TXT is the type of record type.
  • “v=spf1 ~all" is the record’s value.
  • 3600 is the record’s Time to Live (TTL) in seconds. In this example, it means that the record will take 3600 seconds i.e., an hour, to update when changes are made to it.
TXT Record image

Some Common Uses for TXT Records

Commonly, TXT records are used for:

  • SPF Records
  • DMARC Records
  • DKIM Records
  • Site Verification Records
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FAQs: TXT Record Checker

1. How to check TXT records for a domain?

To check the TXT records associated with a particular domain, you can use our TXT Record Checker, which is a free diagnostic tool. Just enter the domain you want to check the TXT records for and click on “Check Now”. Within seconds, you’ll be able to see the list of all the TXT records for that domain.

No, TXT records do not have any direct impact on the way your domain functions and cannot be used to direct traffic. They are just used to store text data on a domain to provide outside sources with the required information related to the domain.

Site verification records are TXT records that help in proving the ownership of a domain and are also used for associating services like Microsoft 365 or G-Suite to a specific domain.

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