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Threatcop is Gifting TLMS on Cybersecurity Awareness Month

During Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Threatcop isn't just giving gifts; we're embedding a culture of people security management in your organization.


Get Your Cybersecurity Awareness Gifts

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Free Access For 500 Users

Enjoy 30 days of complimentary access to our rich repository of awareness content for up to 500 users.

Cybersecurity Content

Engaging Cybersecurity Content

We've made awareness exciting, so you can defend against digital threats with time saver videos, cyber comics, infographics, & more!

Threat Protection

Comprehensive Threat Protection

Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with our comprehensive suite of reports, analytics, and interactive learning modules.

Multilingual Cyber Resources

Multilingual Cyber Resources

Language shouldn't be a barrier to cybersecurity. We are providing cyber content in Tamil, Kannada, and Telugu.

TLMS Competence


Trained over 471,000+ employees       


Simulated over 6,625 awareness campaigns


Increased employee engagement rate by 60%


Offered diverse content library of 600+ resources

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Why is TLMS Essential for Your Organization?

TLMS enhances employee training completion rates, develops a cyber resilient workforce, provides comprehensive user analytics, and improves compliance with regulations and standards.


Enhance Training Completion Rates


Multi-Level Content Technicality


Comprehensive Reports


Customisable Course Modules


Industry-Specific Training


Situation-Based Assessments

Why is TLMS Essential for Your Organization?

TLMS enhances employee training completion rates, develops a cyber resilient workforce, provides comprehensive user analytics, and improves compliance with regulations and standards.

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Why Should You Choose TLMS?

This expertly designed tool comes with an array of dynamic features

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Explore Our Exciting Categories for Engaging Cybersecurity Awareness


Bollywood Posters


Bollywood meets cybersecurity: A blockbuster combination!

With vibrant and eye-catching posters featuring iconic Bollywood stars, you'll learn important cybersecurity measures while being entertained by the charm and charisma of your favorite actors. So, buckle up and get ready for an exciting journey where Bollywood and cyber security merge to create an unforgettable learning experience.

How can Bollywood Posters Boost Cyber Defense?


Broad Reach and cultural relevance


Familiarity and connection


Visual impact and memorability

Hindi Posters


"khatre se bachne ke liye, Cyber Suraksha ka dhyan rakhein!"

For all our Hindi-speaking users, we present Hindi Posters - an initiative that aims to raise awareness about cybersecurity in the language you're most comfortable with. Each poster is carefully crafted with most relatable information  These posters not only convey essential cybersecurity advces but also emphasize the importance of safeguarding your digital life in a language that resonates with you.

How can Hindi Posters Boost Cyber Defense?


Language Relevance


Attention-Grabbing Taglines


Visual Appeal and Design


Cyber Comic


Cyber Comic

Learn about cybersecurity without boredom!

An innovative and engaging way to educate yourself about cybersecurity without the monotony. We've created a comic series that combines captivating storytelling with vital cybersecurity lessons. Dive into the world of cyberheroes and discover how they defend your data and your peace of mind.

How can Cyber Comics Boost Cyber Defense?


Humorous Approach


Memorable and Accessible Content


Relatable Characters and Scenarios



Read, understand, and secure your digital life with Newsletters.

Newsletters provide a valuable platform for understanding and securing your digital life. They go beyond reading by helping readers comprehend the complexities of cybersecurity. With curated articles and insights, newsletters break down complex concepts into digestible pieces.

How can Newsletters Boost Cyber Defense?


In-depth Cybersecurity Education


Curated and Digestible Content


Timely Updates and Trends


Comic Infographic


Comic Infographic

Cyberheroes: defending your data and your peace of mind

With our comic infographics, we bring you cyberheroes who will defend your data and your peace of mind. Each infographic is carefully designed to deliver valuable cybersecurity insights in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format. Because protecting your data doesn't have to be a tedious task - let our comic infographics make your journey towards cybersecurity enjoyable.

How can Comic Infographic Boost Cyber Defense?


Engaging Visual Format


Simplified Communication


Memorable and Shareable

Why is TLMS Game Changer in Cybersecurity Awareness?

TLMS Dashboard

Increased Engagement and Interest

Higher audience engagement and active participation for an effective learning experience.

Improved understanding of online safety and empowerment with knowledge and strategies against cyber threats.

Inspiring viewers to adopt responsible online behaviors and become their own cybersecurity heroes.

Provide Hindi-speaking audience access to valuable cyber security information.

Contribute to a more resilient society by promoting best practices.

Raises awareness of risks and encourages proactive measures to prevent incidents.

Enables readers to make informed decisions for their digital security to assess vulnerabilities, adopt suitable security practices, and take proactive steps for protection.

It bridges the gap between reading and understanding, fostering confidence in readers to navigate cyberspace.

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FAQs: Threatcop Learning Management System (TLMS)

What is the conceptual framework followed by TLMS to incorporate a Cyber resilient workforce?

The conceptual framework followed by TLMS to incorporate a cyber resilient workforce is based on people-centric security. TLMS focuses on empowering employees and enhancing their awareness and understanding of cybersecurity through engaging and customized learning content. By making the training process enjoyable and relatable, TLMS ensures that employees actively participate and retain the knowledge necessary to become the strongest defense against cyber threats.

TLMS is considered the best cyber awareness solution in the Middle East and US market due to its unique approach of incorporating fun and creative content. Unlike traditional cybersecurity training methods, TLMS offers compelling and stimulating learning experiences through categories like Bollywood Posters, Hindi Posters, Cyber Comics, Newsletters, and Comic Infographics. These engaging formats make TLMS stand out and effectively capture employees' attention, resulting in improved awareness and knowledge retention.

The unique features of TLMS include:a) Engaging Categories of Awareness: TLMS offers diverse categories such as Bollywood Posters, Hindi Posters, Cyber Comics, Newsletters, and Comic Infographics to cater to different learning preferences and interests.b) Customizable Course Modules: TLMS provides customized course modules tailored to specific industries, enabling organizations to address industry-specific cybersecurity challenges effectively.c) Entertaining Assessments, Quizzes, and Interactive Games: TLMS incorporates entertaining assessments, quizzes, and interactive games to make the learning process enjoyable and promote active participation.d) Multi-lingual Support: TLMS offers multi-lingual support, making it accessible to global organizations and ensuring language relevance for employees.

TLMS ensures complete cyber awareness of employees by providing comprehensive educational content, offering timely updates and trends, and empowering individuals to make informed decisions and take proactive measures for online security. The engaging formats and relatable content used in TLMS contribute to better understanding and retention of cybersecurity concepts, helping employees develop a strong awareness of potential cyber threats and best practices for protection.

TLMS can mitigate most cyber attacks by promoting behavior change and empowering individuals to adopt responsible online behaviors. By enhancing employees' knowledge of cybersecurity risks, vulnerabilities, and preventive measures, TLMS helps create a cyber-resilient workforce that is better equipped to identify and mitigate potential threats. The engaging and interactive nature of TLMS also ensures better knowledge retention and application of cybersecurity practices, reducing the likelihood of falling victim to cyber attacks.

The components of TLMS include engaging categories of awareness such as Bollywood Posters, Hindi Posters, Cyber Comics, Newsletters, and Comic Infographics. Each component offers a unique format and content approach to cater to different learning preferences and deliver cybersecurity information effectively.

The return on investments (ROIs) of TLMS include increased awareness and knowledge among employees, improved training completion rates, enhanced compliance with regulations and standards, and the development of a cyber-resilient workforce. TLMS helps organizations mitigate cybersecurity risks by empowering employees to adopt secure practices and make informed decisions, ultimately reducing the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks.

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