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Security Awareness Training

Ultimate Guide Against Cyber Threats

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber threats. It transforms your workforce into a vigilant, proactive defense line against the sophisticated tactics used by cybercriminals today.

Why You Should Not Ignore Security Awareness Training?

Failure to carry out security awareness training will expose your organization to devastating cyber attacks leading to breaches of data, financial loss, and a tarnished reputation. Your human resources will always remain the weak link of the security chain. Prepare them with knowledge about how to keep threats at bay rather than only the knowledge about the IT infrastructure.

Increased Security Investment

51% of businesses are boosting cybersecurity spending.

AI/Automation Benefit

Organizations using AI for security saved an average of $1.76 million compared to those without.

How to Develop a Security Awareness Training Plan?

Developing a comprehensive security awareness training plan involves assessing current vulnerabilities, implementing tailored training programs, and continuously evaluating and adapting to new threats. We, at Threatcop follow an approach called People Security Management (PSM) which is based on an AAPE Framework.

Assess, Aware, Protect and Empower

It assesses the weakest links; raises awareness; provides robust protection; and empower employees to defend against cyber threats.

The exclusive AAPE Model safeguards your human assets by creating a culture of security awareness and equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to actively participate in the defense against cyber threats.


Elevating Security Training with TSAT and TLMS

Having established the indispensable role of security awareness training in safeguarding against cyber threats, it's imperative to recognize that the landscape of cybersecurity is constantly evolving. Traditional training methodologies often fall short of keeping pace with the sophisticated tactics employed by modern cyber adversaries. This is precisely why the integration of PSM policy, alongside TSAT (Threatcop Security Awareness Training) and TLMS (Threatcop Learning Management System), marks a pivotal shift. By weaving PSM into the fabric of TSAT and TLMS, Threatcop ensures that organizations are not just responding to the current cyber threat landscape but are proactively preparing for its future developments.

assess with TSAT

Assess with TSAT

Simulate real-world cyberattacks and assess your employees' susceptibility to different hacking attempts. It helps you identify areas where your employees need improvement.
Awareness with TLMS

Awareness with TLMS

Leverage your Learning Management System (LMS) to create dynamic training modules that address identified vulnerabilities and keep your workforce aware.

TSAT: Your Advanced Simulation and Training Solution


TSAT emerges as a leader in modern security awareness training, thanks to its comprehensive suite of capabilities aimed at replicating the complexities of real-world cyber threats. Powered by advanced AI, this platform equips organizations to:

Conduct Phishing Simulations

Mimic the latest phishing techniques to test employee vigilance.

Utilize AI for Template Generation

Leverage cutting-edge AI to create realistic phishing emails, enhancing the training experience.

Incorporate New Attack Vectors

Stay ahead with simulations that include Attachment Phishing, QR Phishing, and more.

Seamless Integration

Automate user synchronization through AD Auto-sync and Azure MSAL integration.


Secure Your People with TSAT in 3 Easy Steps

Simulate Phishing campaigns using any Attack Vector

Real-time tracking of hacked users

Tracks User Progress Continuously


Eliminates employee negligence

reduce cyber risk

Reduces up to 90% of cyber risks

cyber aware

Makes employees cyber-aware

cyber resilient

Creates cyber resilient work culture

cyber resilient

Creates cyber resilient work culture

The product does not only assess employees' susceptibility to the attacks but also provides critical knowledge and reflexes that are necessary to recognize and impede potential threats by submitting them to realistic threat scenarios.

TLMS: Interactive and Comprehensive Training


TLMS, complementing TSAT, brings a whole redefinition to the learning experience by embedding cybersecurity awareness in the fabric of your organization's culture. Its capabilities to enhance learning include:

Engaging Content

From interactive quizzes to cyber comics and infographics, TLMS is doing its part to make learning about cybersecurity effective and fun.

Customization and Co-branding

Your training content will be subject to customizing and co-branding to make the training maximally relevant to your workforce.

Tracking Progress

Utilize in-depth analytics to enable tracking from individual to team progress in a training program.

Interactive Learning Paths

Provides structured, role-based interactive learning paths with a curriculum that helps employees develop knowledge and skills.

engagement rate

Improves employee engagement rate

diverse content library

Offers employees a diverse content library

cyber aware

Increases employee awareness of potential cyber risks and threats

cyber resilient

Helps organizations stay compliant with security standards and regulations

cyber resilient

Helps organizations stay compliant with security standards and regulations

TLMS's comprehensive and interactive approach not only boosts engagement but also ensures that the knowledge imparted is retained and applied, significantly reducing the risk posed by cyber threats.

The global average cost for a data breach in 2023 soared to $4.45 million, with a 15% increase during the past three years.

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