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Phishing URL Checker: Check a Link for Phishing in Seconds

Enter a suspicious link to check for signs of phishing

What Does Phishing URL Checker Do?

Phishing URL Checker detects malicious links instantly. It provides you with real-time results to help you detect if a URL is legitimate or a phishing link. So, don’t fret if you come across any suspicious links. Just use this phishing link scanner to protect yourself against malicious links, phishing scams and suspicious websites.

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How to Protect Your Organization Against Phishing?

  • Generate phishing awareness among employees
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links
  • Immediately report any suspicious or malicious links
  • Keep all your files encrypted
  • Keep all systems updated with the latest security patches
Protect your organisation against Phishing

Why is Phishing Awareness Training Necessary?


of all data breaches in 2020 involved phishing.

- CISO Mag


unique phishing sites were detected in September 2021 alone.



of phishing attempts aim to steal user credentials


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FAQs: Phishing URL Checker

1. What is a phishing link?

A phishing link is a malicious link that cyber criminals use to obtain sensitive information from users. These links are delivered through social engineering attacks to steal user’s data. This can include some really important and personal information like login credentials, employee ID/password, and credit card numbers.

Before clicking on any links that look suspicious, it’s always wise to make sure that the link is safe. However, identifying a phishing link can be a challenging task. You can look for the destination of the link by hovering over the link. Moreover, to make sure the link is legitimate, you can also use our Phishing Link Checker.

The best way to avoid becoming a phishing victim is to be aware of the attack vector and gain an understanding of how it works. In order to keep its employees updated with this much required information, a company should provide phishing awareness training and run a phishing attack simulation on every employee. This will help them learn how to spot and avoid phishing links easily.

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