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Email Hack Checker: Check If Your Email Is Compromised

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What Does Email Hack Checker Do?

Email Hack Checker gathers data from throughout the internet to detect if your details or credentials have ever been compromised, leaked or posted online. It offers the easiest and quickest way to check if your email has leaked and whether or not you need to take any security measures.

Worried that an employee’s compromised official ID can affect your organization?

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What To Do If Your Email is Compromised?

4 steps to secure your email account:

Unique password for
every account

Get an extra layer of security by creating strong and unique passwords for each account.

Enable multi-factor

Enabling multi-factor authentication will add an extra layer of security to your email account.

Avoid password

Never share passwords with your friends or your colleagues at work. Your password is the key to your assets.

Generate unique

Use our password generator tool to create unique and strong passwords. Click Here to Generate

Why is Employee Awareness Necessary?


of the data breaches take place due to the negligence of employees.



of employees are aware of the risks of suspicious links in emails but click on them anyway.



of the users are unable to recognize a sophisticated phishing email.

- Business Wire

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FAQs: Email Hack Checker

1. How to check if I have been hacked?

Unfortunately, there are no clear signs when your ID is hacked. If a company suffers a data breach, it usually doesn’t inform the affected customers right away. In the meantime, hackers can do anything they want with the stolen data. You can suddenly find yourself a victim of identity theft. To avoid this situation, you can use our Email Hack Checker to check if your email is compromised and stay ahead of the threat.

Here’s what you can do if your email is compromised:

  • Check all the passwords that have been leaked and change them immediately. If hackers have locked you out by changing your password, contact the site for help.
  • Make sure that the hacked account doesn't have anything important saved in it, like banking details. If it does, immediately contact the appropriate authorities.
  • You can also report any malicious activities to the authorities, specifically the cybercrime branch.

Hackers can exploit weak password practices and launch various kinds of social engineering attacks to compromise your email ID and gain access to your credentials. For this reason, being aware and following password security best practices is very important.

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