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Cyber Comics :
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Make Cyber Awareness Engaging And Increase Your Security Training
Completion Rate

Make Cyber Awareness Engaging And Increase Your Security Training
Completion Rate

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In a Cybersecurity Breaches Survey, 20% of the 1500 respondents found that employees take cybersecurity training or attend any type of cybersecurity conference.
Source : DCMS
Cybersecurity breaches survey
Sample Cyber Comic by Threatcop

How Cyber Comics Improve Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Sample Cyber comic by Threatcop

Cyber awareness is elevated to new heights in today's digital age through captivating, interactive visual content, empowering organizations to safeguard themselves from potential threats.

Cyber Comics are among the unique features of Threatcop Learning Management System that educates employees in an effective way. Our comics employ enjoyable storylines and relatable characters to communicate complex security concepts in an easily understandable way.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Often Becomes

Cyber comics engage and educate organizations by enhancing visualization and understanding of awareness content, making learning interesting and easy.

Cybersecurity awareness

Employees Don’t Feel Much Motivated to the Learning Modules

Often the training module and documents are lengthy and highly complicated. Cyber comics comprises an interesting storyline that induces motivation among employees

Learning modules

Gaps in Information-to-Insight-to-Decision During Training

The cyber comics help the organization to provide information in such a way that it corroborates insights and helps employees make the right decisions.

Decision Training
In a survey conducted by Eearnst & Young, only 8% of the respondents feel that awareness material provided to them is sufficient for the cybersecurity needs of the organization.
Source : CyberSecurity Education for Awareness and Compliance
Ernst & Young

Unique Features of Cyber Comics

Below are some of the compelling and unique features of our cyber comics

Easy to learn

Comics are designed to impart simplicity in the process of learning. The use of illustrations and characters conveys complex concepts to employees in a simple and memorable way.

Comics are meant to educate employees about complicated security awareness in an entertaining way.

Comics are driven by storylines and characters are designed to be entertaining and engaging, making cybersecurity education fun.

Our comics have been proven to be effective in increasing employee awareness by presenting cybercrime cartoons to improve the security posture of the organization.

Our comics employ highly intriguing elements and cybersecurity cartoons that give a visual understanding of context that is digital and complicated in nature.

Importance of WhatsApp Phishing Simulation and Awareness
Importance of WhatsApp Phishing Simulation and Awareness
Need of Cyber comics

Why do organisations need Cyber Comics?

Need of Cyber comics
  • Improve the cybersecurity culture in your organization.
  • Increase the rate of security training completion.
  • Educate non-technical employees.
  • Strengthen cybersecurity framework of an organization
  • Prevent cyber attacks and data breaches.
“Comics convey engaging stories, are fun to read, and have large readerships of all ages. Interactive features in Secure Comics are intended to both increase engagement and enhance lesson content that cause users to think more deeply about cause and effect.”
Leah Zhang-Kennedy
(Designer, Illustrator, Ph.D. in Computer Science, and MASc in Human-Computer Interaction)
Why Cyber comics

Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture with TLMS


Flagship Feature: Cyber Comics

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Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture with TLMS

FAQs: Cyber Comics

What is the role of cyber comics in cybersecurity?

The primary purpose of cyber comics in cybersecurity is to raise awareness among employees and educate them about cyber risks and how to prevent them. The notion of cyber comics is to convey technical information on the prevention of phishing, ransomware, smishing, and WhatsApp phishing in a way that is easily understandable and memorable. Cyber comics can comprise real-world scenarios stating an example of a cyber attack along with its consequences and prevention. Overall, cyber comics can improve the cybersecurity framework of an organization by engaging awareness content.

Yes, cyber comics are an integral part of modern security awareness training. Leading cybersecurity companies employ them as a highly effective medium to train employees in organizations with cybersecurity methods and practices. Cyber comics are an interactive way to present real-world examples of cyber attacks and security mechanisms to prevent them. Thus, cyber comics play a crucial role in strengthening the cybersecurity resilience of an organization because of their engaging way of explaining technical details to non-technical employees. In recent years, employee security awareness training has become a significant necessity for organizations to ensure a secure cyberspace ecosystem. And cyber comics have come up as a most fruitful part of learning as it makes the information interesting and engaging, ensuring the employees retain the information longer.

The main objective of cyber comics is to raise cyber awareness and educate employees about cybersecurity measures, making it easy to learn and implement. Cyber comics aim to enhance an organization's cybersecurity resilience and framework by conveying the security mechanism to employees through a visually engaging and retable format. Cyber comics are designed using characters and illustrations that form a cyber attack's storyline, making understanding easy and fun. This helps in fulfilling the objective of improving the rate of awareness training in organizations. The cyber comics help in making employees more vigilant and proactive in securing the data and information of the organization.

The goals of cyber comics can include:

1) Educating employees about potential cyber threats and how to prevent them

2) Raising awareness about cybersecurity

3) Providing real-world examples of cyber threats and best practices

4) Making complex cybersecurity concepts accessible

5) Creating a culture of security

6) Enhancing retention and understanding

The elements of comics that can help in cybersecurity include:

1) Visual representation: Comics use illustrations and images to convey information, which can be more engaging and memorable than text alone.

2) Characters and storytelling: Comics often use characters and storytelling to present information in a relatable and interesting way. Characters can help to make the material more relatable and easier to understand.

3) Humor: Comics often use humor to make the material more engaging and interesting, which can help to increase retention and understanding.

4) Real-world examples: Comics can be used to provide real-world examples of cyber threats and best practices, which can make the information more relatable and memorable.

5) Concise information: Comics typically present information in a concise and easy-to-digest format, which can help to ensure that employees retain the information longer.

6) Interactivity: Comics can be interactive, meaning that the employee can click on links, answer questions, or even watch videos to learn more about the topic. This enhances engagement and retention.

Threatcop provides a well-designed cyber comic that is entertaining, engaging, and informative. It can use humor, relatable scenarios, and interactive elements to make the material more interesting and memorable. Cyber comics can be a great way to educate employees about cybersecurity in an entertaining and relatable way. The use of relatable scenarios, humor and interactive elements can make the comics entertaining and less boring for the employees.

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